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Motivational Keynote Speaker | Personal and Business Breakthrough Coach | Interpersonal Skills Expert | Author

GG is an engaging communicator who speaks passionately from the heart. 


He communicates an insightful, enabling and relevant presentation that is genuine and relatable.

More importantly, he doesn’t just talk… he walks his talk.


There will be many valuable takeaways for everyone to utilise in their own lives or with loved ones. 



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Motivational Keynote Speaker

I am an engaging, humours and motivational communicator who speaks passionately from the heart. More importantly, I don’t just talk… I do walk my talk. There are always many valuable takeaways for everyone to utilise in their own lives or with loved ones.

Since the age of sixteen I have spoken in Christian circles and after many years I felt very comfortable within that particular audience. Though, I have taken a ten year break of speaking in public my ‘comeback’ into the public speaking arena was a little more ‘shaky’ due to me sharing my personal story now. Some of my story obviously is ‘very personal’ to me and I was not entirely sure of how my new audience would react to it. In the last twelve months I have had the opportunity to share my ‘horrific’ story to many diverse groups of people and everyone who has heard my journey have applauded my courage sharing it.

Personal and Business Breakthrough Coach 

When coaching clients, either in a personal or business environment, I use the power of your own mind to facilitate your thoughts and behaviours. Thus, alter unwanted behaviour patterns and relieve symptoms which cause distress, anxiety, dysfunction and conflict in daily life events.

Whatever their problem, my clients are going through a transformation and sort out ongoing issues once and for all. I am committed to achieving mental & physical health increasing well-being for all my clients. I have a reputation for enabling people once more to enjoy their lives to the full. As my story encounters living in a cult for 26 years and have encountered sexual abuse as a child is not the end. Making use of strategies and techniques I had the ability to turn my life around and many of my clients demonstrates that those effective treatments of therapies work. By looking after your mind, body and spirit you too can develop your own inner strengths to improve your life balance and to make the most of your potential.

Interpersonal Skills Expert

As a Minister

During my years in the Ministry I was responsible for all aspects of ensuring the care and connection of the congregation from first time visit through full involvement and participation in Christian community. This includes development and leadership of a pastoral care function, newcomer assimilation, overseeing of all communication with the congregation, and weekend services.

Pastoral Care

This involved to lead a team in the development of infrastructure to insure the existence of a solid “care environment” for all church attendees. Establish, maintain, and expand a Christian counselling function at the different church groups world wide. As a senior pastoral care staff member, I performing baptism services, weddings, funerals, hospital visits, and assist in the development of an annual departmental budget and manage spending to budget etc.

Effective Communicator

I have travelled extensively around the globe teaching & preaching to cross-cultural congregations and communicated effectively “The Good News.” Throughout I provided coaching, evaluation and mentoring to other members of the congregation as need to ensure consistent, biblically sound, Spirit led instruction to empower individuals.


I arranged and provided counselling in response to perceived problems in a person’s life. There is probably not much I haven’t heard as people discussed included couple issues, relationship breakdown, parenting, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, grief, sexual issues, childhood sexual abuse, stress and conflict in various situations including work related conflicts etc. Any concern communicated was treated with support, respectful and confidential.



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