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Beware of Friendly Danger is an essential read for parents. As we become increasingly aware of grooming it’s important to understand the methods that perpetrators use. Yes, many children are groomed over the internet, clubs, and churches but there are other methods at play too.

Beware of Friendly Danger


I wanted to let you know that my book, Beware of Friendly Danger, has been released TODAY and I would greatly appreciate your support in helping to spread the news!

Here is a quick overview of the book:
If you suffered at the hands of an abuser for over 20 years, would you give in? Or find the courage to escape?

At 11 years old, Günther Frantz met Scott Williams – a man who, under the guise of Pastor of a Pentecostal church, subjected him to decades of sexual and mental abuse. In his explicit and painfully honest memoir, the author recalls the horrific journey he, his wife, family and thousands of global worshippers took to appease their leader…

There are three things to take away from Beware of Friendly Danger – The Story of a Cult Survivor.

The first is the need to make people aware that grooming of children and adults is out there and that it can manifest itself in many guises. The second is to question the difference between groups and cults. And the third is that, despite the bleakest of situations, every victim who is still alive has a future.

Readers of Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom will appreciate Frantz’s tone and how he uses his story to encourage a positive and hopeful outcome for others – no matter how dark a place they are in.    

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Looking for a great read? I highly recommend Beware of Friendly Danger by Günther Frantz, which holds your tension as a reader you’re constantly asking yourself is this real? Is this a memoir or a Hollywood tale? Unfortunately, it’s fact and not fiction. Günther Frantz’s ordeal at the hands of a Pentecostal Church pastor will leave you bewildered and asking ‘why?’ ‘how?’ and ‘what if?’ Order here: