Why This Why Me Why Now

Why This:

Have you ever felt paralysed by fear in your life? If you have and you know what it feels like to be fearful and stuck in a toxic workplace, or a destructive relationship, or an unhealthy environment you need to elevate your fear to question the reality you live in right now. 

Why Me: 

I have lived for 26 years of my life in a religious cult where fear has ruled my daily life. Each day from sunrise to sundown I have been paralysed by a fearful leader making me belief that there is only one way – which was ‘his’ way… But I have found that no matter how long one is stuck in a toxic, destructive, unhealthy environment – it is never too late to change. 

Why Now:

It is time to make the change now, otherwise nothing will change in the future. Decide today and not tomorrow to break free from the fears which hold you back to become truely the person you deserve and meant to be. I am a Change Architect now who once decided to believe that there is something bigger and better than living in fear for the rest of my life. With my 5 Step Changemaker Strategy Plan you can also make the decision and create the change now – you’ll never regret it!