What others have to say about GG

GG Frantz was an inspirational speaker at our Los Angeles Celebrity Fast Track event and the audience responded very favourably to his presentation.  His presentation was moving and engaging.  We spent a few days together and I highly recommend him as a professional speaker.  He is a delight to work with at all times, assisted with the event, stayed for the whole event and spent a lot of time with the audience attendees. 

Cydney O’Sullivan International Speaker and Event HostFounder, Motivational Speakers International & Celebrity Experts


Thank you so much for your inspirational story and ability to touch the lives of all of us.  When I read GG Frantz’s book it touched my soul and his power and strength to rise above and conquer and create the magnificent life he chose to have. GG is a dynamic, authentic speaker and it touches my heart and the hearts of others who listen to him.  My family and friends that have heard you speak say exactly the same thing – wow, what an inspirational and dynamic man.  I am so grateful to have met GG and listened to him and read his book.  Forever changing lives.

Debra Heslin Performance Coach and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Designing Your Future, Time Line Therapy®, Success Principles Trainer, Passion Test Facilitator/Executive Coach and an Inspirational Speaker. Florida, USA


GG Frantz oozes with positive energy. He provides motivating and actionable content that encourages the audience to take accountability for their own success. I felt that GG had reached out to me to re-evaluate my vision and mindset, in order to achieve the best version of myself. His courageous and inspirational story from his book has motivated me to realise there may be many set backs in life, however there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Michael Hull,Canada


GG Frantz is an engaging, exciting and passionate speaker.  His experience shines through with his ability to inspire and uplift his audiences. I especially love the way he is able to add in humour and his light hearted nature to his talks.

Alana Diebel, Vancouver, Canada, Trainer and Life Coach at Results With NLP


I was lucky enough to share some time with GG Frantz during Public Speaking at the Tad James Co events and found GG to have a dynamic personality, a quick wit and to be a very humble, open hearted and caring man. His presentations were filled with humour and great knowledge, very entertaining indeed. I highly recommend GG as a Professional Speaker for any event.

Eloise Lamond, Life Coach from “Essence Within”, Kangaroo Valley


GG Frantz is an accomplished speaker who energises the room with his engaging, optimistic and always thought provoking anecdotes.

Lorna Cook Co-Founder and Company Director chemo@home. Perth, WA.


I have had the pleasure of GG Frantz as a guest speaker at my seminar in Ballina August 2018 “Healthy Mind/Healthy Body” GG has a powerful and commanding presence as he addresses the people in front of him.  He is masterful when it comes to building rapport with his audience and his story telling is deep and meaningful. As I watched GG reach into the hearts and minds of the men and woman he made sure  that he left space for open and honest discussion and that allowed for great questions.

GG is humble and respects all people and seeks to tap into  resources not previously discovered thereby giving his audience new strategies to move forward in life. He is highly regarded in his field of public speaking and is 100% professional.  He is a big man with an even bigger heart and I totally recommend him if you are considering utilising his skills for your events in the future.

Murray Parr Master Trainer and Practitioner NLP, TLT, Hypnotherapy, Coaching. Ballina NSW.


I have met GG Frantz at a training event back in 2017 I knew that he had a story to tell. And not just any story- but one worth listening to. After hearing GG’s story for myself, we invited him to speak for us at one of our Health & Wellness seminars that was based around mindset and letting go of the past. 

GG spoke with volition and truth. His delivery was personal, powerful and charismatic. Hearing GG’s story for the first time, our participants were amazed at the raw honesty and emotion that GG was able to give them.

If you are looking for a speaker who can share an inspiring, true story that begins at bad, goes through worse- and comes out the other side with the sun still shining then I would highly recommend GG Frantz.

His story is one of true adversity and through his delivery, GG will take you on a journey. 

Bek Sumner Co-Owner of KeastCo. Master Trainer and Practitioner NLP, TLT, Hypnotherapy, Coaching.


GG Frantz is a very charismatic, engaging & humours speaker. His ability to inspire & challenge what truly is possible, is remarkable. I would highly recommend GG services.

Jeremy Hills Master Trainer and Life Coach at Results With NLP


GG Frantz is a captivating and inspirational speaker. He is the current President of Northern Gourmet Toastmasters and enlightens us fortnightly with his motivational openers and dynamic speeches.

I would highly recommend him as a professional speaker as he has a talent for developing instant rapport with his audience and is relatable and entertaining.

GG insights into how to deliver a speech combined with his strong understanding of the English language shines through when he speaks to an audience. He is an excellent communicator and a strong public speaker.

Louise Warren Perth, WA



A few weeks ago, I met a man with an amazing story. On face value, GG is the most energetic, exuberant, full of life people you would ever meet. I am privileged to call GG a mate.

Given his genuine passion for life and for people, you would never believe that he came from a religious cult, where he was horrifically abused for over 20 years. He overcame many of his demons through the training I recently participated in.

His story is nothing short of amazing and truly inspirational. I had the opportunity to read his book while on holidays.

I thoroughly recommend inboxing GG Frantz to secure your own copy.

Shaun Ahearn, Adelaide, Australia


I was also a member of the same church but only met the author of this book on two maybe three occasions. I had some idea of what was going on behind the scenes but never heard the full story. This book really showed me how apologetic and ignorant so many pastors in that church were and still are.

This book can help you to identify similar manipulative methods as those used in that church if you think you may be in a cult.

I wish you all the best Günthy!

Felix Koch, Germany


The author shows how insidious cults and their charismatic leaders are. He illustrates how, over time, they take control of every aspect of your life. This is a story of abuse but it also one of optimism and hope as the writer show that even though he has been a victim of unimaginable abuse, he survived it and has take the reigns of his own life. He has a very positive outlook despite all he has experienced and encourages us to approach life with the same positivity. 

Steven Ballingall,Scotland


I am halfway through GG Frantz’s book which arrived yesterday. It is raw, authentic, meaningful and even humor thrown in. GG I am beyond honored to know you. Pick it up and read it my fellow NLP Trainers. I miss and love you all.

Debra Heslin, Florida, United States


Excellent book for everybody who has been hard done by and/or is stuck with what happened in the past. This book is a real life experience, written by a person who has lived through it, and managed to turn bad experiences and unexpected life challenges into victories…  =  highly recommend it!!!

Martin Troster, Melbourne, Australia 


This book has been written as a gentle ease to those wanting to know a little bit about the authors past life experiences and why and how he has gotten to the place he is now. 

It is an easy read and easy for outsiders to connect too and relate to the harsh experiences and appreciate the struggles the author faced to create a brighter path and life for himself and his family.

Well recommended for any curious people out there.

Samantha,Perth, Australia


Author has described very necessary things through the book. Really, the book is very educative for us. By reading the book, you will know the several friendly danger.

Richard Karpp


Sad but true story. Very inspirational how Gunther turned his life around & continues to stay positive after the horrific experience. A very easy book to read.



The story of a cult of horror survivor.Fighting back. After decades of being his puppet, Frantz and two others heroically joined forces to confront Scott and question the values and intentions of the pcc and try to reclaim their lives. The story does not end there.Finding bravery and hope where once there was fear, Frantz’s ultimate message gives strength to readers facing their own demons and battles.Well worth reading!

Branch Young


Told from the heart. Brutally honest and no thrills account of a sect survivor. Like a script from a Hollywood movie but this is true. Blunt and to the point. A decent read but not for the faint heart

Nigel Crawley, Perth, Australia


This story is true, I knew Gunthers predator as a young man. But before it could happen to me. I took a stance against the lies spoken to me by Scott. God is not a man that he should lie. He is light. Scott chose to stand in darkness

Nev Cordell, Sydney, Australia


This is a very inspiring story written by an extremely courageous man. Many more evil doings need to be exposed in the world, and I trust that a wonderful book of this nature can encourage others to write their stories as well. Thank you Gunther Frantz and Amazon.

Joy Ferguson